Our Story Begins With “Once Upon a Time”

Long ago, when wishes came true, there was an enchanted land where a wild and wistful magic flowed over and through its rolling hills and lush forests. Tattered fairy wings flitted between sunbeams, shimmering mermaid tails splashed in sparkling lagoons, and smoldering and powerful dragons filled every one of its gem-encrusted caves.

One day, a dark wizard came upon this mystical paradise. He sought to harness the land’s magic as his own, siphoning its twilight mists into his gnarled staff. The once bountiful land withered and died, forcing its creatures to flee for their lives.

Wandering over hill and dale, hither and thither, the creatures traveled ever on and on until they discovered the mortal realm. There they learned to live undetected amongst the humans by sealing their magic away within the deep recesses of their souls. They passed their mystical genealogy down to each generation, but as days, weeks, and years marched on, their memories slowly turned into folklore, and their descendants soon forgot what they truly are.

It is because of this that certain mortals have felt a gentle draw toward stories that speak of enchanted creatures and far-off lands. For reasons unknown to them they long to place a crown of flowers and twigs in their hair, collect seashells that smell of seaweed and salt, and forge wands and walking sticks out of driftwood and amethyst.

Live Happily Ever After

Wings + Tails was founded to rekindle the magical embers that still burn within the hearts of those who feel an inexplicable yearning for the fantastical—someone just like you. As a phoenix that rises from the ashes, you can unlock and reclaim your magic. Explore our curated collection of enchanted natural treasures and escape to a world full of beauty, romance, and mystery that our ancestors once called home.