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Dragon’s Breath Organic Coconut Butter Candle


As you enter the sleeping dragon’s lair, sweet and spicy puffs of chai waft by with every breath he takes, his wings stretch protectively over his pile of shiny treasures.

Exotic, bold, and magical, the layers of this dragon-inspired aromatherapy candle will ignite memories of soaring over enchanted lands and exploring gem-encrusted caves. It is the perfect gift for any fantasy book lover.

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Ignite your magical past with a clean, artisanal candle, hand-poured in small, sustainable batches in Malibu, CA. Each wearable, vegan candle is non-toxic, made with an eco-friendly wick, and an organic coconut butter base, which can serve as a massage oil or body lotion when warmed and solid perfume when cooled. Infused with a unique blend of all-natural essential oils, you’ll be under this candle’s captivating spell all day long.

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Scent: Chai Tea

Product label will read: Francesca’s Chai

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Chai Tea

1 review for Dragon’s Breath Organic Coconut Butter Candle

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