Metal Nib Tip Raven’s Feather & Hematite Porcupine Quill Pen


Handmade ink dip natural porcupine quill pen with metal nib tip.
Porcupine tip is 12 to 14 inches.

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This variation of the quill was created to better accommodate frequent use as a writing tool and the impressive aesthetics of a decorative piece. The nib is permanently set in the unit and can not be changed out.

Each quill is unique from the next, as the feathers are natural and not 100% identical. They may have separations, thinning at the tip, waves, curls, be thinner, fuller, longer, shorter than one another or be from a left wing or right wing.

WARNING: It is very important that you do not keep the quill stored in ink in an inkwell, as I have found, India Ink will eat through the metal nib and completely through the porcupine quill tip.

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